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Our culture is deeper than the visual signs like singing, masks, and dancing. It is about how we live our lives. This is why it has never been lost despite the threats and challenges the Heiltsuk have faced.

Our traditional laws, which we call gvi'ilas, govern every part of our lives and includes how we interact with our environment, how we view our environment, and how we respect and nurture our environment. It guides us in our value system and how we treat our elders, our youth, our leaders, our families, and our guests. It is basic to the Heiltsuk way of life and to our world view.

ed_salmon.jpgOur culture is entrenched in concepts like bakvala, how we gather, prepare, and distribute or share our food. It includes where we get it, who showed us how to get it and when it should be gathered. Our culture is reflected in our rules and protocols for behaviour in our Bighouse, where Heiltsuk law takes precedence over any other laws.

Qqs Projects Society helps to teach and reinforce our culture through:


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