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Supporting Youth, Culture, and Environment

All of our projects are rooted in our deep commitment to Heiltsuk youth and to the culture and environment of which they will one day become stewards and guardians.

camp_thumb.jpgKoeye Camp is an innovative youth science and cultural camp program with a mandate "to open the eyes of our children to their responsibility as stewards of our land, culture, and resources". Our camp model integrates scientific learning and cultural rediscovery into a fun, challenging, and comprehensive education program.

coastwatch_thumb.jpgCoastwatch is a Heiltsuk-driven scientific research initiative that provides Heiltsuk people with the skills and knowledge to be proactive in resource management and conservation planning in our traditional territory. We record baseline ecological data that can be used to guide Heiltsuk stewardship of our terrestrial and marine environments.

virtual_rainforest_thumb.jpgSEAS Internship is a new program designed to create opportunities for young people to be engaged in fieldwork and technology. Four Heiltsuk interns are currently working in the community and in the field, assisting with a variety of research and monitoring projects being undertaken by Coastwatch on the outer coast.

library_thumb.jpgThistalalh Memorial Library is an all-ages public library and First Nations literacy initiative. Our goal is to strengthen our community and our nation by supporting the reemergence of our traditional stories and also by increasing our exposure to the global literary traditions to which indigenous peoples increasingly belong.

koeye_thumb.jpgKoeye Lodge is managed by Qqs to provide support to the Koeye Camp and houses volunteers, supporters, and Heiltsuk families while they participate in our summer programs. With eight rooms, a spacious dinning hall, and an industrial kitchen, Koeye Lodge is an ideal support facility for our youth programs.

cabin_thumb.jpgHeiltsuk Cabins Project is designed to create ease of access to the land base in order to strengthen the Heiltsuk presence in our territory and create opportunities for local tradesmen to learn new skills. It is based on the traditional model of family camps in resource-rich areas.


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