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Update: In July 2013, disaster struck in Bella Bella when a fire destroyed one of our main service buildings. The community lost its only grocery store and post office, and the office of Qqs Projects Society, including the Koeye Café and Thistalalh Reading Room, was lost. We are in the process of reestablishing a space in which to accommodate our library collection. We appreciate your patience and support in this time of transition.

For more information, please write Communications Director Jessie Housty.


We started the first all-ages public library and family literacy initiative in Bella Bella because we believe that no child should grow up without access to books.

The library exists to promote the value of stories and to put books in the hands of anyone with the urge to read. We also offer opportunities and resources to help families share the joy and power of reading.

We believe that literacy is important in both a family and a community context, and we strive to provide programs to support and encourage learning and education. We believe there is great strength to be found in our traditional stories and oral history, as well as in the works of literature that connect us to the wider world.

Our goal is to strengthen our community and our nation by supporting the re-emergence of our traditional stories and also by increasing our exposure to global literary traditions, to which indigenous peoples increasingly belong.

kvailynn.jpgOur Reading Room, nestled in "downtown" Bella Bella at the Koeye Café, now houses over 3,000 books and provides reading material and educational resources to people of all ages and interests.

The name of our library pays homage to our late chief and elder, Edward Martin, who held the traditional chief's name, Thistalalh. A passionate storyteller and lover of words both written and spoken, Papa Ed taught a generation of Heiltsuk youth to appreciate more deeply the beauty of our own culture and also our connection to the wider world through literature. With our diverse and ever-growing collection of books, as well as our literacy initiatives, we strive to continue Papa Ed's legacy.

For much more information on this groundbreaking new community initiative, check out the Thistalalh Memorial Library website, where you will learn all about the library, our collection of books, our literacy initiatives, and of course how you can get involved!

library_logo.jpgHow you can help

There are many ways you can support the important work the library is doing. We are always grateful for donations of new or used books to expand our collection. We also accept monetary donations, which enable us to run literacy programs in our community.

The library is not funded by the government, nor is it currently supported by any grants from organizations. All of our books, operational costs, and student intern positions are made possible entirely by the generous donations we receive.

Please visit the library website for more information on how you can get involved. Or contact Jessie Housty at jessie@qqsprojects.org.

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