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Working Together For a Stronger Society

Qqs Projects Society has developed relationships and partnerships with many organizations both inside and outside the Heiltsuk community. Building and sustaining partnerships has always been, and will always remain, one of our top priorities.

Partnerships within our community

Bella Bella Community School is a partner in several projects including the SEASInternship.

Dha‘yaci Society supports our society and we support them. The hemas (traditional chiefs) give us permission to do our work and to operate within their traditional territory.

Gvi‘ilas Restorative Justice has been a partner since our inception and we work jointly on many justice related programs.

Hailika'as Heiltsuk Health Centre is a valuable partner in the provision of youth, family, couples, and community wellness programs through our facilities at the Koeye Lodge.

Heiltsuk College & Waglisla Adult Learning Centre provides quality adult education opportunities in Bella Bella and shares Qqs' core values around community engagement.

Heiltsuk Cultural Education Centre holds much of our Heiltsuk cultural information and supports us in our planning, interpretation, and research.

Heiltsuk Integrated Resource Management Department (HIRMD) has significant overlap with our science and environmental work. Although newly established they have responsibility for all land and marine resources.

Heiltsuk Land/Marine Use Planning Committees give us direction about the nature of our research and work in general.

Heiltsuk Social Development's work is fundamentally aligned with ours and they support us with finances, board work, fundraising, and Youth Skills training.

Heiltsuk Tribal Council (HTC) provides financial assistance with the lodge, supports our board of directors, and encourages departmental support.

Kaxla Child and Family Services helps care for our children and as such we support them and the children in their care.

Partnerships on the coast and beyond

American Museum of Natural History has grown to be an important partner of our science programs and recently hosted a group of young Heiltsuk leaders who visited their anthropology collection in New York.

Coastal Guardian Watchmen Network is an amazing organization of Coastal First Nations working together to monitor and protect our coast. Qqs was a partner in initiating this organization and is still a strong participant.

ForestEthics is one of Qqs' oldest partners and have collaborated with us on our Númas Toys Project as well as supporting many of our youth initiatives.

Greenpeace Canada is a longtime partner of Qqs and a valuable supporter of many of our youth and conservation programs.

Hakai Beach Institute is newly founded and we have already developed meaningful partnerships with them around strategic projects and initiatives.

Hakai Network for Coastal People, Ecosystems, and Management has a growing presence on the Central Coast and we are excited to develop projects and partnerships around areas of mutual interest.

Pacific Wild shares our passion for our environment and partners with us on several projects and supports us both financially and with practical, logistical assistance.

Raincoast Conservation Foundation has been a supporter of our programs for many years and continues to be a supporter and partner in several projects.

Sierra Club of BC have supported us for many years. They continue to assist with staff support at our camps and with leadership training, and they continue to be good friends.

The Nature Conservancy have been the main supporters of our Coastwatch andSEAS Internship initiatives over the last four years.

Tides Canada is a valuable ally in the conservation work being undertaken on the coast. Qqs was proud to be named a Tides Top 10 initiative for 2012.


In addition to the above organizations, agencies, and entities we also engage with other nations along the BC coast on a variety of projects of mutual value and interest.

Please also see our page outlining the important contributions of Our Supporters.

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