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To say we value our youth is an understatement. We respect our youth, we honour the role they will play in all of our futures and we accept our responsibilities to them with open commitment and a strong sense of responsibility. To that end we seek to provide them an opportunity to experience social and educational success, a strong sense of cultural connections, a strong attachment to traditional Heiltsuk values and the self-confidence to be bold in their leadership. This is balance. This is what we seek to help build in the lives of our children.

brian.jpgWe never stop seeking new ways to build strong leaders and members for our nation. We are constantly seeking new ways to contribute more to the lives of our young people. In addition to the list of projects below we are presently working to establish a First Nation Youth Core, a community capacity building model for this and other communities, a purposely established set of events and activities that will continue to build leaders.


Our youth projects include:


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