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Qqs Projects Society

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Qqs Projects Society

Supporting Youth, Culture,

& Environment

Híỷaú - Hello & Welcome!

Qqs Project Society - Koeye Camp - Credit Kalina Hunter

Photo credit: Kalina Hunter


Yí Yáu! Hello!

We are Qqs Projects Society, a Heiltsuk charitable non-profit located in Bella Bella, BC - the heart of the Great Bear Rainforest. Our organization has a holistic mandate to support Heiltsuk youth, culture, and environment.


Qqs is focused on creating opportunities for Heiltsuk youth and families to learn on the land and from the land. Our programs range from the community of Bella Bella throughout Heiltsuk territory, spanning the social, cultural, and natural values and customs that have strengthened our people since the time of Creation.


Qqs Projects Society

Photo credit: Chris Darimont

Qqs Projects Society - Youth Programs - Cr3edit Grant Callegari

Photo credit: Grant Callegari

Qqs Youth Programs seek to provide Heiltsuk youth with opportunities to experience social and educational success, feel confident on the land and water, build a strong sense of cultural identity, and feel supported in their path to community leadership.

Qqs Projects Society - Culture Programs - Credit Kai Nagata

Photo credit: Kai Nagata

At Qqs, we believe cultural education is vital. We work to incorporate cultural identity and nurture cultural resurgence through programs on the land and water. We aim to lead culturally inspiring programs to negate the years of oppression for a new era of reconciliation. 

Qqs Projects Society - Community Programs - Credit Paul Paquet

Photo credit: Paul Paquet

Qqs Community Programs seek to meet community-identified needs, and uplift community-rooted strengths and leadership that we believe to be the path to a vibrant and resilient future for our people.


Photo credit: Alena Ebeling-Schuld

Qqs Environmental Programs use a mixture of Traditional Ecological Knowledge and western science to promote an understanding, build connection, and support responsible stewardship of Heiltsuk lands, waters, and resources.

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'Heiltsuk Nation’s Koeye River fish weir revives traditional fishing practices'


'Heiltsuk Rising: inside the cultural resurgence of one B.C. First Nation'


'Food security deepens a Reliance on Ancestral Foods in Coastal  Communities'

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'Adapting to coronavirus: how BC First Nations balance food security & conservation'


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Qqs Projects Society
Qqs Projects Society - Grizzly Bear Cub - Credit Kim Jorgenson

Photo credit: Kim Jorgenson

Photo credit: Chris Darimont

Qqs Projects Society - Credit Kalina Hunter

Photo credit: Kalina Hunter

Koeye Dogs - Qqs Projects Society - Credit Kalina Hunter

Photo credit: Kalina Hunter

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